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Can we focus on both the good and bad parts of being a teenager in the essay?

The teenage years are not all bad though the only reason teenagers have a negative reputation for drugs and alcohol abuse and the like is because the people who commit crime are the only ones paid attention to by the media. A Persons teen years are about discovery and freedom with the only real responsibility being school work and the need to find out what they want to do with their lives. Whatever the attitude of teen age years good or bad they are only lived through once and when they have gone they will only ever be looked back on with envois memories. A time where people can enjoy there lives before being thrust into the very difficult and serious world of war and politics and being dependant on working for a living and becoming an adult. Adam Knaggs 10B1 "IT'S TOUGH BEING A TEENAGER."

It’s no secret that being a teenager is hard, and comes with its own set of difficulties. It’s also no secret that school and the pressure to succeed are becoming larger percentages of these difficulties. While some stress may come from simply being a teenager and its inherent struggles, it is also necessary to investigate other causes.

When something as minor as wearing a pair of shoes that were last month’s fashion can make you vulnerable to cruel campaigns, you know it’s hard to win at being a teenager. Add in the social media factor (70% of teens said they’ve seen bullying online in a recent survey) and it’s difficult to get through youth without being scarred by bullies.

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Being a teenager is hard enough when you have a strong support system, but not everyone does, a situation that is especially difficult for those dealing with teenage addiction. When the people in your life have let you down, hurt you, destroyed you, and knocked you down, where else is there for you to go? Do you turn to your parents, friends, other family members, teachers, coaches, or someone else? Instead of a person, do you turn to destructive and risky behaviors? When you’re struggling with extreme conflict at home, what you desire most is to fit in and feel loved and taken care of. Some of the thrill of addiction and drug use is the feeling that you belong, that someone else “gets” what you are going through. Even better, it’s someone who won’t kick you when you are down but rather someone who boosts you up and makes your life better.

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Yes, society and technology has come on a long way – but life as a teen is by no means easy. In fact, even though adults endure everything from work problems to debt, no period of your life comes close to being as difficult as your teenage years.

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