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NYS Comprehensive English Regents Examination: Session One, Part B. Meaning, Development, Organization, Language Use, and Conventions. Meaning: THE EXTENT TO WHICH THE ESSAY ESTABLISHES THE CONTROLLING IDEA AND FOLLOWS UP THE POINTS THE CONTROLLING IDEA ESTABLISHES. RESPONSES AT THIS LEVEL:

This Concept Map, created with IHMC CmapTools, has information related to: regents english part b test task 3 Unified Essay, Ideas from both passages read to Establish a controlling idea, Establish a controlling idea using Specific Literary Elements, Literary Techniques for example Symbolism, Irony, Figurative Language, Unified Essay using Ideas from both passages read, Specific Literary Elements such as Theme, Characterization, Structure, Point Of View To Convey The Controlling Idea, NYS Regents Comprehensive Exams ends with SESSION TWO, SESSION TWO which has a Part A Test Task 3, Part A Test Task 3 ends with a creating Unified Essay, Establish a controlling idea using Literary Techniques

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