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Decision Making in Paradise, Part 3 DeAna J. Williams December 17, 2012 University of Phoenix MGT 350/ Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making Process Tracy Bomar-Howze JD, Esq. My name is Nik. I have been chosen by Alex and Chris to help out in. I was chosen because I have an expertise in the customer service industry. My main objective is to help create a plan and develop a couple of

Decisions in Paradise Part 1 Monica Davis University of Phoenix Decisions in Paradise Part 1 My name is Nik and my first assignment with Wilson Supply is to analyze, synthesize and prescribe a business analyses to establish a greater presence in the island country of Kava. That is good for Wilson and good for the people of Kava. While holding to our founder Chris Morales commitment to do what is right and the Wilson mission statement of community which states, “We support the

Decisions in Paradise, Part 1A small island country in the South Pacific, Kava, is plagued with devastating settings that have brought about one disaster after another. Numerous disasters and threats such as typhoons, hurricanes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes are natural occurrences on this island. Other threats also include HIV/AIDS, petroleum spills, and high risk factor for avian flu due to poor economic conditions. Despite of these setbacks, the island of Kava has its own unique richness. Kava's economy thrives from the petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, fishing and natural gas readily available on the island to include tourism due to its paradise like settings. Labor is inexpensive. With over 50% of its population under 15 years of age, there are many able bodied laborers making it ideal to hire locally. The island consists of a mixture of diverse cultures of various races such as the South Pacific tribes, Chinese, African, French, Spanish, and a substantial number of Americans.

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Decisions in Paradise, Part 1 Andrea Wright MGT/350 August 31, 2011 Antionette Holman Decisions in Paradise, Part 1 In the great area of paradise located in the South Pacific called Kava is a great place but is in an area of disasters threats. Kava’s Disasters has a great and important impact on all the business that has tried to maintain in Kava. The disasters that have affected Kava are Floods, Typhoon, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes. Kava has an Ethnic mix of indigenous South Pacific

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Decisions in Paradise Part 3 January 9, 2011 MGT/350 We think of tropical destinations as a paradise not Kava. Kava is in a South Pacific Island that is facing hardship and has many challenges that need to be met in order for the residence to grow. They have asked A & E disaster corporation help in the process. The company I work for will determine how it will build this disaster stricken country. We will identify the problems; define criteria, goals, and objectives. In this

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Decision in Paradise Part I Tony O. Nance MGT/350 November 16, 2011 Dr. Allen Timmons Good title page Decision in Paradise Part I Introduction This paper will define the issues that appear in the business scenario surrounding the South Pacific Island country of Kava. It will also identify forces involved in formulation of the problem and identify problems with tools and techniques used to describe obstacles that may affect critical decisions made by key

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Decisions in Paradise Part 2 University of Phoenix Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making MGT/350 August 07, 2011 Decisions in Paradise Part 2 This paper reports on a company named “Drinks in Paradise” and the focus of the research that revolves around how critical thinking is used or how it affects a business decision. Drinks in Paradise wishes to expand their company to a location in Paradise. Nik is a new employee, the company has sent him to complete a business

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...Decisions in Paradise, Part 1 Shauny MGT/350 April 01, 2012 Instructor Decisions in Paradise, Part 1 Nik recently received his college degree and successfully landed a job with Hewlett-Packard (HP), a multinational information technology Corporation. The organization markets to governments, consumers, businesses, and schools worldwide. Hewlett-Packard strategy is to bring the depth, breadth, advantages, competitiveness, and innovation of the company portfolio to consumers in every country (Hewlett-Packard Development Company (2012). Approximately two-thirds of HP’s revenue is retrieved from outside of the United States (Hewlett-Packard Development Company (2012). Nik has been assigned to assess the potential benefits of conducting business in Kava, a small island country that resides in the South Pacific. After Nik landed on the island of Kava, he realized that his perception of the island was not what he had perceived it to be. However, Nik was sent to Kava to complete a mission; not to enjoy a vacation. The geographic location of Kava presented an issue that could pose as a reoccurring threat. Based on the location of the island, there is no way Kava can avoid the threats of floods, tsunamis, typhoons, and cyclones. Although Kava is an island, fires have occurred in the community. Kava’s community also suffers from avian flu and HIV/AIDS. The threats on the island may pose danger to the locals as well as the entire island. Damages caused by tsunami’s and...

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...Decisions in Paradise, Part 1 Brandy N. Salyer MGT/350 February 13, 2012 Mark Hudson Decisions in Paradise, Part 1 Kava is an island country in South Pacific that has been plagued with unfortunate circumstances that have brought about one disaster after another. This country is in dire need of some help and aid in the situation of getting the country cleaned up and on its way to recovery. My job is to create a plan that would help Kava recover from the disaster and bring some economic stability to the country with the help of the Walmart Corporation. Some issues that will need to be taken into consideration is that over 50% of the people are under 15 years old and many of the natural disasters threats that the area faces. The company will need make sure that the mix of language and ethnicity is also taken into consideration. Walmart is about saving people money so that they can live better and that is what Walmart is going to bring to Kava. Walmart as a company is dedicated to helping the community and would help Kava try to recover from all the disasters they have gone through. Today, Walmart International is a fast-growing part of Walmart's overall operations, with 5,366 stores and approximately 740,000 associates in 27 countries outside the continental U.S. (Walmart Corporate, 2012). Walmart is looking to make Kava another part of its international business but there are many obstacles that the company needs to do before opening its doors in Kava. At Walmart...