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The phrase "E pluribus unum" - out of many, one - is a guiding principle of this nation. Founded by immigrants of all nationalities, the melting pot assimilates new influences and is strengthened by them. This has always included the adoption of English as the common means of communication. Opponents of the official- English movement argue that English-only laws are discriminatory, designed to segregate minorities from the rest of the American people. They counter that laws that would require English as a qualification for voting, being licensed to drive, or entering certain occupations would be oppressive, since they prevent people from having access to the government to whom they pay their taxes. But one can imagine the cost of having every book, newspaper, billboard or traffic sign rewritten into several languages? It would not be feasible to accommodate all the languages spoken throughout the country. Rather than having the government accommodate an immigrant in his native language, it should be the immigrant's duty to learn the language of the country. We must not forget that these immigrants have chosen to live in America; we want immigrants to learn to function in an English-speaking world to maintain unity and communication between our citizens.

Multi-lingualism undermines the very basis on which this country was built, which is the assimilation of diverse nationalities into a new nationality. The fact that English is not our official language should come as a shock to Americans. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written in English and should be reasons enough to enact an English-only amendment. Millions of immigrants have successfully learned English and have become assimilated into the mainstream. Indeed, it would be insulting and harmful to suggest that today's immigrants cannot do the same. In this country, English is the only sure tool for jobs, money and a better life. ?

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English Language at A level is available as a standalone subject, separate from English Literature. It involves the investigation of communication, linguistics, grammar and the analysis of language from many different sources and styles. You'll be learning and mastering a new and important terminology from prescriptivism to descriptivism, from lexical to semantic and you'll be able to spot a gerund and know how it can be used. During the time spent covering the demands of the course you'll need to concentrate on how you express yourself clearly and coherently. There's probably no other course where the clarity of your written answers is going to be under quite so much scrutiny

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2 Should English Be America S Official Language Essay Jun 2014 A push for English to be the official language of the US has both a dark history Having spent several years living in Maine myself, I can testify that the Such thinking feeds directly into a more basic question of US identity:

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15 Nov 2008 In today's global world, the importance of English can not be denied Role Of English As An International Language Essay and ignored since English is the most common language spoken

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