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Unemployment is serious problem that our government faces. Our leaders are trying their utmost best to solve it wisely. If it is not solved sooner, a social revolution may take plea to have its solution. The main cause of unemployment is the repaid growth of populations. Since independence the populations of India has increased by threes times its total. When people multiply, there raises the problems of unemployment and it becomes difficult for government to provide employment to a sufficient number of people. As a matter of principle it becomes the duty of government to provide employment to all as far as possible and we are blessed that our government is taking keen interest to solve this series problem of today. As the growth of populations is going unchecked, jobs and services in a given field commonly remains insufficient. When our youths do not find employment despite their best efforts, they get irritated and feel disappointed.

The progress seen in the late 20th century has stalled in the 21st. Even though around 40% of the world’s population, more people than ever before, live in countries that will hold free and fair elections this year, democracy’s global advance has come to a halt, and may even have gone into reverse. Freedom House reckons that 2013 was the eighth consecutive year in which global freedom declined, and that its forward march peaked around the beginning of the century. Between 1980 and 2000 the cause of democracy experienced only a few setbacks, but since 2000 there have been many. And democracy’s problems run deeper than mere numbers suggest. Many nominal democracies have slid towards autocracy, maintaining the outward appearance of democracy through elections, but without the rights and institutions that are equally important aspects of a functioning democratic system.

Population Growth And The Economic Agency of Women in Malthus Essay on the Principle of Population It is difficult to examine the question of the.

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The opening essays in this supplement to Population and Development Review cover population renewal in affluent societies, the management of intergenerational relations throughout history, and the sustainability issues confronting the modern welfare state. Another set of contributions is concerned with the historical experience with low fertility; the puzzles that ultra-low fertility and natural population decrease pose for theorists of human behavior; the relationship between fertility decline and democratization; and the intractable problems for social policy in Japan created by ultra-low fertility and extreme population aging. Several essays examine the role of public policy in lowering high fertility; others offer novel insights on natural and human capital and technology.

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Essay on population growth in hindi. A population is the number essay on mother's day in english of all the organisms of the same group or species.

Your search returned over 400 essays for "population growth"

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545 words essay on Population explosion in India M Sanjeeta Advertisements: The population growth has been extremely rapid in the last 50 years.

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Essay on Population Problem in India. On October 20, 2013 By Sanjoy Roy Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles. Essay on Population Growth: Its effects and.

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Essay on the Problem of Population Growth! The population is currently growing at the rate of 76 million people per year. This rate is equivalent to adding to the.