There is no such joy in the tavern as upon the road thereto.

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In Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, the author conveys that although there can be despair and bloodshed in the world, love overcomes all with a little faith. The man views the boy as a symbol for hope and provides the man with a purpose in life, to protect the boy above all. Violence is the antagonist in the novel because the people are driven into thievery, murder, and cannibalism because of the post-apocalyptic landscape. Food is scarce and people are starving, and consequently, people turn to thievery as a way to fend for themselves. At this point in time, stealing is not a crime anymore. There is no government, there are no regulations, and all is fair game. When the man says that he will protect the boy at any cost, it is not an understatement. When a member of a bloodcult posed a threat to the boy, the man did not so much as fidget to reach for the safety of his weapon. Without overthinking, the man shot the degenerate dead before his son. The aftermath resulted in the man soothing the boy by claiming that his job is to take care of him and that he was “appointed to do that by God” and even states that he would, “kill anyone who touches the boy” (77). He tells the boy that even if they had killed someone it would not be a very bad thing because God had given the man permission to do it, to protect the boy, and it was a necessary thing to do in order to live.

To conclude, the man and the boy face terrible circumstances in the novel, The Road. They do, however, manage to stay alive by the little resources they can garner and by keeping their faith animate. It is true that the world they inhabit is filled with unspeakable violence, but the father-son relationship illustrated proves that love can triumph over any obstacle. It is with love that together they survive and rejoice at the little things. It is described from the man’s perspective that the boy is the only hope in this chaotic world. The man sees a light in the child that no one else does, and because of this, decides to live to make his last mission to protect the boy from any source of harm.

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The newspaper on Tuesday fell for a hoax, seemingly started by a tweet from an unverified account, which claimed that the 82-year-old author of The Road had died of a stroke.

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Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Described the novel as a “gripping, heart-rending story, which explores the depths of despair and savagery beside the heights of love, tenderness and self-sacrifice.” Destruction, survival, isolation, and death are prominent themes in The Road. Most life has been wiped out by some unnamed catastrophic event. Cities are destroyed; plant life is gone; animals have disappeared. Civilization has broken down, and chaos reigns in its place. No matter where the man and the boy go, houses have no roofs and are rotting from the rain and wind. The natural cycle of seasons has been destroyed: it seems to be perpetually winter. Even the stability of the earth is off-kilter, for an earthquake shakes the ground on the East Coast. In a storytelling style that is stripped as bare as the novel’s setting, McCarthy recounts the journey of an unnamed man and boy, in an undefined location, who search among the debris in the aftermath of some cataclysmic event for morsels of food and warmth. Though their lungs are tortured by the thick ash that discolors and taints the air, and their unshod feet are blistered and almost frozen, they trudge forever forward, always hoping for something better, something similar to the past. They rarely find it. And they dare not linger, because other wanderers, likewise cold and hungry, will inevitably come upon them, fighting for the tidbits that the man and boy have found. In stark contrast to the devastated surroundings stands the man and boy’s unshaken devotion to one another. In a landscape where nothing blooms, their love flourishes and grows deeper, even as they wonder all the while which one of them will die first. They keep three things in mind as they move south toward a dream of warmth: they must find food, they must find clean water, and they must continually hide.

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?The man and the boy survive physically in the post-apocalyptic world by using their intellectual traits. The characters survive by being cautious, resourceful and manipulative. Throughout the book the characters in The Road are cautious and vigilant. They try to avoid any potential situations that could endanger their survival. In one part of the book while they are walking down the road the man notices some people and says “I think there is someone following us” (pg 162). He hides the food waste that they were throwing away so that the people following them would not know they had food. The man waits till it is dark to stop and lets the people that are following them get ahead of them so that they can both keep an eye one them. If the man had not noticed the people following them they would have ambushed them and tried to kill them for food. They people that were following them were revealed to be cannibals later on as they had a baby human carcass in one of their pots. “They kicked snow over the fire and circled and came back.”(McCarthy, pg 88). When the man notices tire tracks that indicate more people are traveling on the road, he plans to get off road and attempts to cover their tracks. He avoids any confrontation that could put them in danger. At one point the man and the boy are starving so they go inside to look for food.

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Desperation gets the better of the man and he abandons his cautiousness and that nearly got him and the boy killed as they found out that cannibals lived in the house. “Coming across the field toward the house were four bearded men and two women” (pg 94). The man and the boy had to run and hide. They were both so close to dying and it was all because they stopped being cautious for one moment. When the characters were cautious and vigilant they avoided all sorts of conflict that could damage their chances of survival. Secondly, the characters in The Road are also resourceful. It is starting to...