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Hamlet Spying essay Denmark is a prison in here a mood of suspicion and secrecy pervades the entire drama, there is a distinct sense of lack of trust and sense of surveillance. Subsequently there would be analyzed some instances where characters are spying on each other, informing and being informed upon suspicious acts, to protect themselves and their honor. The first instance of spying in the play is when Hamlet's ghost appears at the Elsinore castle. After the king said to his son the real caused and author of his death, Claudius, Hamlet's point of view among his uncle and mother changes, he starts looking them as strangers and suspicious people. From this scene is where Hamlet immediately distrusts them and he keeps them under 24 hour surveillance. Another instance is when Polonius sends Reynald to spy on his son Laertes. Polonius wants to spy on his son because he simply does not trust his children and keeps always an over watchful eye on them.

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8. DISCUSS intrigue, spying. deception. and pretense in the play. Organize by the character or as they occur chronologically in each of the play’s Ilse acts. You obviously cannot write on all intrigue, spying, deception, and pretense in the play. Therefore, choose at least three-4 or 5 at the most—and focus on these examples in your essay. Choose carefully. Hamlet’s pretense of being insane is a very. important one, for example.