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Dive deep into Isak Dinesen's Sorrow-Acre with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion

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It would be wrong, of course, to argue that this conflict between feudalism and democracy, between the powers of paternity and maternity is the important theme in “Sorrow-Acre.” Although most of her other thematic concerns are ultimately subordinate to this one, as noted earlier, Dinesen’s story has a number of other well-developed thematic threads, as well as some important parallels to other texts. A useful discussion of these relationships could easily be the subject of several essays and is therefore beyond the scope of the present study, but the most important parallels—to the Bible and to Shakespeare’s —should not be passed over without mention.

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Discussion of themes and motifs in Isak Dinesen's Sorrow-Acre

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Sorrow-Acre, perhaps the greatest ..