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Two seminal essays by Eberhard Jäckel,written shortly after Hitler 's War was publishedin 1977, dissect Irving's methods.9 Jäckel hasbeen described as "demonstrat[ing], with ascholar's precision, the ingenious ways in whichIrving manipulates evidence, collecting whateverfits his preconceptions, misinterpreting as hechooses, and ignoring whatever fails to support hisviews."10 The essays counter the

Irving Berlin is a famous musician. This essay will talk about him and his life. Berlin is one of the most popular and famous musicians during the World Wars.

Eberhard Jäckel's work on Hitler's War sometwenty years ago is as relevant today as it wasthen. The reason is simple --David Irving is stillup to his old games. With numerous titles to hiscredit, Irving has maintained a mainstreamfollowing through his enticing writing style andthorough archival research. Nonetheless, hismethods remain flawed, as he continues hisrevisionist themes interspersed with genuinehistorical insight. In his translation ofJäckel' s essays, H. David Kirk identifiedseveral recurring themes (or

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Mackay was the daughter of a Catholic multi-millionaire, Clarence McKay, who was threatening to disinherit his daughter because of her romance with Jewish songwriter Irving Berlin. Mackay’s essay explained why modern women were abandoning the forced social matchmaking of débutante balls in favor of the more egalitarian (and fun-loving) night club scene:

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