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Now he's trying to address guns, and obviously it's something he feels deeply. I guess it was after the last attack — there are so many I can't even remember which one — Obama got teary and said in an interview that he would not support any candidate who did not support gun control. Personally, if I was going to pick one issue on which to lay down the law, it wouldn't be guns. It would be the environment. I wish I didn't live in the gun country, but I do. It's not going to change in my lifetime. When Democrats talk about guns, they should understand that they don't actually belong to a party that's anti-gun. They belong to a party that wants to get rid of a couple of hundred out of more than 3,000 guns available in this country. There would still be nuts who go out and shoot places up — they just would have to reload a little more. I own guns. I just don't love them. We live in a country where people love guns. I call them "ammosexuals": the people who polish them and take pictures with them and go on dates with them to Chipotle. This is sick. Do you know in the last five years, people have been giving their babies gun names? Like Trigger, Pistol, Shooter and Remington? I'm not joking about this. Liberals don't do this. They don't name their kids Prius and Juicer. "This is my son, Kale."

In the Democrat and Republican Party there are both conservative and liberal issues in the differences I have listed above. Each person has to make a choice that best represents him or her in an election. I have categorized myself in an independent party because I find my beliefs and views supported in both parties...
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In the early part of the twentieth century, liberals - especially those in - were those who stood for laissez fair . In more recent times, however, the nomenclature seems to have reversed. The exception to this is found in Australia, where the mainstream conservative party is called the Liberal Party and the mainstream non-conservative party is called the Labour Party.

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As part of the Federal Policy Committee’s 'Agenda 2020’ review of the Liberal Democrats’ beliefs, values and approach, we are announcing an essay competition, open to any party member.

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The inflation affected the middle classes severely, wiping out their savings as well as causing problems for land owners who relied on rent. Real Wages also decreased. As many of the middle classes were factory workers, many of them were in trade unions. With the problems of inflation the unions would start demanding solutions to these problems and would turn to support any party that would offer the solutions that they wanted. As the Liberals were the cause of the problems and did not seem to be taking notice and thus doing very little to solve the problems many of the workers began to support the Socialists.

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| |The Liberal Party and the Achievementof National MedicareP. E. BRYDENBarbara MessamoreWildcard Précis: MedicareBrittany HattenApril, 15th 2013 In the article, "The Liberal Party and the Achievement of National Medicare", P. E. Bryden argues that the achievement of a full national health care system in Canada was difficult and faced many obstacles and drawbacks in the process. Bryden narrows in on the complicated, yet

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Therefore, it cannot truly be said that the Conservative Party follow a conservative ideology, nor do they follow a liberal ideology. They are an interesting mixture of neo-liberal economic policies, combined with moral and social conservatism. This makes them hard to place on any political spectrum, and thus it cannot be said that they really reflect any specific ideology. OOldO Labour Prior to Tony BlairOs electoral success of 1997, the Labour Party were torn by ideological strife, with two main factions emerging.

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In contrast to the Liberal’s newly established organisation the Conservative Party organisation had deteriorated. Gorst resigned as Principal Agent in March 1878 and the following leaders were unable to maintain the organisation of the party. The party was also struggling to remain unified due to splits over foreign policy. They no longer presented a unified front and were accused of `running out of steam` and putting little effort into the election campaign.

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What your essay says is of course entirely up to you, but we want this discussion to be wider than just individual policies (though if you think it’s crucial for the party to develop policy in any particular area as a demonstration of our core beliefs, of course you should say so). This is also not a discussion about party strategy or organisation or internal structures. We want to focus on and discuss what we mean when we say ‘I am a Liberal Democrat’ - what we believe, what we think is important, and what underlies our support for or opposition to specific policies.

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Shortlisted essays will be voted on by the party membership. The winner of the competition will have their essay published on the party website (and, we hope, in Ad Lib) and receive a copy of John Stuart Mill’s ‘On Liberty’, signed by the party leader.

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He speaks of how things would be better with the Liberal Democrats. This technique is used again in the classroom scene, when Frankie Fawcett’s father is speaking, with a yellow wall in the background. In contrast, the use of party colours can be used to create a negative impression. When you see Charles Kennedy talking about how bad the train service is, you will see him wearing a blue tie. Blue being the colour of the Conservative party, suggesting that things haven’t changed even since the Conservatives were replaced. But then he speaks of how the Lib Dems can improve the situation, just as a yellow train goes by. Their super-imposed graphics used throughout the broadcast are also yellow.