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What is the effect of MTV of the music industary and aritst promotion?

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MTV Arabia changed its name to MTV Middle East in August of 2011 to better encompass their market, and a few months later, launched a support website to handle the growing demand for music video requests, another medium to view live performances, and vote for artists (Newbould, 2013). This further progressed their handle on the Arabian youth market. MTV has been very successful in this market to date, in no small part due to their understanding of the cultural awareness. Using the resources that they have already built from other ventures, MTV are consistently able to bring a lot of attention to Arab artists, which maintains their support. Bringing in major international music stars to do performances and starting up music festivals with big-name main show performers has skyrocketed their popularity among the locals (UK Essays, 2013). On top of being a main source of entertainment around the world, MTV brings a massive amount of entertainment to their target demographic of under-25 Arabians.

Mtv has changed the way that we all look at music. I have been reading up on the subject and I have found an interesting article on the internet on this subject. Please read and feedback on your thought, comments and anything you want to say on this this blog. Click on the comments link below. To read this article, please . Thanks for your help and sparing the time to read and comment on this article.

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With the inception of MTV in 1977 as small TV network, it has now grown into a multi-national, multi-billion pound global machine. The effect of the creation of MTV on television, the music industry and the world, is a reflects of active audience of the teenager music fan of the early 80s. At the beginning, many artists used the new music platform to promote their music on an international level and continue to this day. This new platform allowed music artists to promote on a mass scale that made never been seen before. But unlike before the artist would judged on the mainly on the musicality of their song (even though this it is still a factor) or the style of the artist playing live but on the visual shown in their music video. Marketing the video became key because videos were the main focus of MTV because it was easy to show them and quickly becoming a leading source of new music. My hypotheses is that given though MTV has done much good to the music industry as a whole, it’s net effects has been a negative one. In this essay I will descise the negative effect on audiences and artists.

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MTV Essay: Modification Television

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In order fro MTV to implement its current strategy on diverse brand base, it must conduct a survey that would ensure that the company understands specific needs of all of its brands, divisions, and businesses (Barnard, 2007). It must invest in processes that works in every business functions while at same time allows for flexibility based on strategy, structure and available resources. Related essays

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A few days later, Spin ran a scrupulously reported of thewhole ordeal. The piece, by Jordan Sargent, is a fascinating narrativeof modern media politics. Yet it also revealed the strange stresses thatMTV’s reporters were working under: writers were cautioned againstpublishing unfavorable reviews of any artist in cahoots with some otherarm of MTV (so, nearly every contemporary American pop star, to start).Sargent’s piece cited one particularly troubling example. In October,the critic David Turner published a thoughtful and humane essay on theevolution of his relationship with the music of Chance the Rapper (thepiece is now up in full ).As a critical engagement, it is gentle; the most overtly condemning linein the whole thing has to do with Chance’s decision to trot out during his stage show. The story is one of several pieces that MTV Newsran about Chance the Rapper that fall; the rest were unilaterallyfavorable. It was featured on MTV’s Snapchat channel. Chance’smanagement saw it, contacted MTV, and, per internal correspondenceverified by Sargent, announced that Chance would not work with MTVagain, in any capacity. The site quickly yanked the piece.

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