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The new presidential administration offers a distinct shift from the Pro-Choice policy of the Clinton era. America waits to see the outcome of the renewed Pro-Life era of President Bush and his supporters.

The abortion issue has become one of the world’s most controversial problems of today. This issue is divided into two sides, pro-life and pro-choice. They focus on different aspects of receiving an abortion. At one end we have the pro-choice advocate---those who focus on women’s right. The pro-choice supporters have reason to believe the fetus is only a potential human being. It has no right whatsoever, because the right belongs to the woman carrying the fetus, and it is she who decides on the length of time of the pregnancy. On the other end we have the pro-life ---those who oppose abortion and focus on the fetus rights. They believe the fetus is a human being and has just as much legal right as the parents.

...Abortion is one of the most persistently controversial and debated issues in American politics, culture, and media today. While it is depicted as a two-sided argument, with constituents being either prochoice or prolife, the debate over abortion is overwhelmingly multifaceted and involves an extensive look into the healthcare, biology, ethics, morality, and constitutional rights that affect the issue. It is definitively impractical to generate a logically consistent position on abortion without being subject to abandoning another beliefs, let alone attempting to find a middle ground. Yet with any heated debate, the issues cannot methodically be traced into the confines of black and white. In trying to vindicate or denounce abortion, it is often necessary to observe the grey as we attempt to deduce whether, if ever, abortion can be justified. The abortion debate begins with the moral status of the fetus If the fetus has no rights then the abortion is not an issue, but if the fetus does indeed have rights, then abortion does not solely concern the freedom of the mother, rather it constitutes the deliberate destruction of a human being with personal freedom. However, in the cases of self-defense, just war, and capital punishment, don’t we a society allow the murder of human beings, each with their own set of personal freedoms? Implicit in the claim that it is unethical to kill a human being deliberately is the idea that we have rights because we are human beings therefore...

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...Joshua Ocha-Ali10-14-12English 111-55 Helping Ole Granny Pull the Plug: I Vote Yes The state of Massachusetts is trying to pass a law proposing that at the request of a terminally ill person, a doctor would be able to put them out of their misery. This should be allowed everywhere. People shouldn’t have to suffer through a disease until they pass away. You should have the choice over your own life. The person should only have this right if there is no sign of recovery and there will be just suffering and pain until they pass away. This is something that should be taken in writing in the event you lose to ability to communicate. Just like the constitution protects your blood your saliva and in retrospect your whole body. You should have the choice to choose when you want to end your life when you’re faced with a terrible disease, and no one else should be able to decide. I’ve seen family members fighting to keep people alive and going to court with husbands and wives over decision about what to do with the loved one that was in a vegetable state. It causes fighting and should be decided by the person that is in the hospital bed not the people surrounding it. Being sick will also be a burden with all of the expensive hospital bills, could lead to the whole family being in debt and no one would want to put any one into that kind of financial situation. That person could end it now before things get finically tough. The...

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Pro-choicest Don Sloan believes that an embryo is not a baby because it can only exist inside a woman’s uterus. Some people think of abortion as a self-defense rather than a murder because the woman is defending her health, her way of life, and her piece of mind against something that is not wanted. Sloan, like other pro-choice supporters, believe that everyone have a right and a say-so in the abortion issue.

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37d. The prochoice movement consistently caricatures and misrepresents prolifers and their agenda.

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