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The head of Boeing chose his words carefully as he explained to President Barack Obama the "dilemma" that Corporate America faces in trying to do business in China. "We see a world where our interests lay in both competing with China ... and also engaging with China for access to its market," Jim McNerney, Boeing Co's chief executive officer, said on Saturday as he interviewed Obama at the APEC business leaders' summit. "How would you assess the US-China relationship when voices now on both the left and the right are calling for a harder line from your administration?" Obama did…... []

Barack Obama Short Essay Example

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In Obama’s calculus, many young black men engage in street-level drug dealing not because they seek to profit handsomely from it, but because they are unable to find legitimate jobs anywhere. Obama: “For many inner-city men, what prevents gainful employment is not simply the absence of motivation to get off the streets but the absence of a job history or any marketable skills -- and, increasingly, the stigma of a prison record. We can assume that with lawful work available for young men now in the drug trade, crime in any community would drop.”

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"Though this quest for 'social justice' must tread through regular politics, it cannot be achieved by regular politics. That’s where the pitchforks come in. 'Direct action'—as Mr. Obama’s longtime confederates at ACORN (the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now) euphemistically put it—is the organizer’s signal tactic. Action, Alinsky taught, is the very point of organizing. 'Direct action' is barely disguised code for the occasional use, and the omnipresent threat, of mob mischief, unleashed against the law-abiding bourgeoisie. The organizer prospers by defining down our ethical boundaries—or, looked at the other way, by legitimizing extortion....

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Although there are moments in Baldwin’s speeches and writings that are more bitter and more sectarian than the main body of his writing, his work seems astonishingly wise and forgiving, constantly ready to include the other side, insisting that the complex fate of being an American involved America in its both rich and hidden diversity and its both gnarled and noble history. It appears that such wisdom and sense of forgiveness came from how he lived, from his walking the streets of European cities knowing that he was not at home and slowly realizing where home was. Home, oddly enough, was the United States.On his first trip to Kenya, before he went to Harvard Law School, Barack Obama, who was twenty-seven, sensed his father’s ghostly presence in the streets of Nairobi:

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Their perspective is very much in line with that of Barack Obama. Immediately following his inauguration, in fact, Obama's as U.S. President was to the suspension of all that had been established to adjudicate the cases of terror suspects at the detention center, which continued to house more than 200 and Taliban combatants captured by the American military during its post-9/11 wars in the Mideast. Obama, like Soros, favors a criminal-justice-oriented approach to terrorism and thus would prefer to try the perpetrators in civilian court¯where they would enjoy the enhanced rights and protections that such courts afford to all defendants.

Short essay on barack obama

The Starks turned on their television and found CNN, where, sure enough, they were airing footage of a completely destroyed airplane, somewhere in the desert of Libya. Until that moment they didn’t know that the United States might have invaded Libya. They did not care for Barack Obama and would never vote for him, but they didn’t question whatever the president had just done, and they didn’t pay much attention to the various criticisms of this new war being made by various TV commentators.